Tethys Investments



Tethys Investments aspires to be the leading private equity firm of Eurasia by delivering a competitive risk adjusted return to investors and lasting positive impact to countries where we invest.

We believe that our sound macroeconomic, political and investment analyses coupled with our unmatched emerging markets experience and network, makes Tethys a unique PE company best positioned to create, capture and deliver the highest value to investors in Eurasia. We come with regional experience that we continuously enhance with daily monitoring, analysis and discussion of economic, social, political and corporate trends and developments.

We deliver hands-on strategy and operations support to companies Tethys Investments invests.

We select frontier markets in Eurasia using our proprietary analytics and decision making model which combines comprehensive due diligence and financial analysis of investment projects with the best-in-class macroeconomic, political and business ecosystem analysis to deliver the best return to our investors. Tethys Investments makes private equity investments in lower-middle-market companies. Our philosophy is to partner with excellent Funds and management teams to help create long-term value.

Tethys Investments is a registered private equity investments LLC in the state of Delaware, USA. It operates through its offices in Baku, Boston and Dubai.

Our Values & Principles

Tethys Investment Management lives by the Values of

  • Investor focus
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Realism and
  • Creating outstanding value to clients.

We live our values by following these Principles which guide our actions:

  • We face harsh realities
  • We are results oriented
  • We do our best to accurately understand realities
  • We make decisions based on the first, second and third order consequences
  • We hold ourselves accountable in front of our investors, communities and staff
  • We are wary of overconfidence
  • We believe that great results are produced by right people operating in a great culture
  • We think like an owner and expect our partners and staff to do the same.

Investing Responsibly

Tethys Investments aspires to deliver long-lasting positive impact in economies it invests. We pledge to invest our funds in socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Tethys voluntarily adheres to the Six Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI). Tethys Investments will go for nothing less than the highest corporate governance standards in managing its decision making and investment operations.

Tethys believes that the best practice on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) factors both mitigates risk and captures opportunities that enhances the long-term value of the portfolio companies.


Tethys Investments seeks to establish partnerships and alliances with other Funds, investment advisors, investment banks, intermediaries, management consultants and companies to identify great investment opportunities, to execute investments in the most efficient and effective way, and to provide our portfolio companies with resources, and state-of-the-art strategy and operations support. Our current strategic partners and alliances include the following companies:

  • Confidelity Partners, a regional boutique PE focused management consulting firm.

We seek partnerships with operating executives who can identify a great value investment opportunity and then play an active role in the transaction and help drive value.

We look forward to discussing new investment opportunities with operating executives and promise a prompt and confidential reply.