Tethys Investments



Tethys Investments selects focus frontier markets in Eurasia by following criteria:

  • Quality of economic governance;
  • Positive long-term economic dynamics;
  • Sustained political stability;
  • Public safety;
  • Educated workforce;
  • Investment and business climate;
  • Access to large markets: EU, Russia and China;
  • Quality of infrastructure;
  • Availability of great-value equity investments;
  • Availability of exit options;
  • Availability of export oriented industries.

In the medium-term, based on above criteria, Tethys has selected following countries in Eurasia to focus:

  • Azerbaijan,
  • Kazakhstan,
  • Georgia,
  • Turkey,
  • UAE,
  • Ukraine,
  • Kyrgyzstan.

North America

Investment strategy of Tethys in North America region is focused on early and seed stage VC Funds or startups. Tethys Investments plans to use its established network and expertise in the Greater Boston area, MIT, Harvard and other start-up centers in the US to connect our investors with the great start-ups of the future. In this channel, we deploy our resources through established VC Funds, leading startup accelerators, experienced Angel Investors and the best crowdfunding platforms in the USA.

Tethys Investments focus in the conventional asset classes in North America are great commercial and residential real-estate investments. We seek to deploy our capital in real estate projects domiciled in or around large cities which are home to crisis-proof industries.

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