Tethys Investments


Energy & Transportation

Eurasia has vast energy and transportation potential, which unsurprisingly are major value-add industries in the region. The region is set to greatly benefit from its geographic position and the massive infrastructure investments as part of the China led "Belt & Road Initiative" formerly known as the "One Road, One Belt" concept. It is estimated that Asia alone will need $900 billion in infrastructure investments. Tethys Investments believe that these two sectors will be major drivers of economic growth and global integration of the region.

Financial Services

Financial services is relatively the most developed sector in economies of Eurasian countries along with the natural resource based industries. They are also the most integrated to global financial centers through debt and line of finance channels. However, the penetration of financial services, access to finance and financial depth in Eurasia remains below than the advanced and rapidly developing world, providing financial services industry with ample and unparalleled growth opportunity. We believe that Eurasia is one of the few destinations in the world where financial services will demonstrate substantial growth in the mid-to-long term. Tethys Investments would consider investing in financial services companies in the region should a great-value investment opportunity emerge.


Agriculture and food production is one of the major industries as well as one of the major contributors to the GDP and employment of countries in Eurasia. The region has great potential for enhancing productivity in the agriculture and food production. Ample water resources, high quality soil, warm climate, availability of hard-working labor resources present Eurasia with great opportunity to become a global supplier of all agricultural products. Eurasia remains as one of the largest producers of soft commodities including corn, grain, potatoes, vegetables, etc. The countries are also well equipped to become major suppliers of fruits and vegetables to EU, Russia, China, India and Middle East.


Eurasia has all the factors for having a vibrant manufacturing industry to export and meet domestic demand. Educated and relatively cheaper human capital, modest public infrastructure, proximity to large markets of EU, Russia and China, functional markets all are conducive to successful manufacturing industry.

IT Services

Owing to its educated human resources, strong technical science schools, regular energy supply and good infrastructure, Eurasia has become one of the global IT and software development centers in the world successfully competing with the other well-known and relatively cheaper regions in the world.

Hospitality Services

Given its rich climate, beautiful nature, public safety, good infrastructure and well-trained population, the Eurasia region possesses all the resources for turning into a bustling global tourism destination. Some countries in the region have already made substantial progress in expanding hospitality and tourism industries. Number of tourists arriving in Eurasia is growing at exponential rate. Introduction of visa-free regimes and relatively cheaper cost of travel have further advanced this trend. Tethys Investments predicts that the region is set to become one of the global tourist destinations, and will invest in great-value deals in the hospitality industry.