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Tethys Investments is established by a Team with an in-depth knowledge of the regional economic and political developments and proven management & technical skills in wide array of industries. The founders of Tethys Investments come with more than 50 years of combined professional and managerial experience at leading regional and national private corporations.


Please submit your resume for consideration for available or upcoming opportunities at Tethys Investment Management, if you have following qualifications and competencies:

  • Passion for creating long-term exceptional value
  • Believe Eurasia will become one of the power houses of global economy
  • Business or economics education, preferably an MBA
  • Financial, investment and economic analysis skills

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Managing Partner – Ramil Muzaffarsky

Ramil Muzaffarsky

Ramil Muzaffarsky has 18 years of experience in international project financing & negotiations, impact investing, communications, economic advisory and corporate strategy execution.

Ramil is an MIT Sloan Fellow in Global Leadership & Innovation, and a member of the Crans Montana Forum of New Leaders for Tomorrow, a Switzerland based non-profit organization.

Ramil holds an MBA degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Sloan School of Management with concentration in investment management, and a masters degree in Economics from the University of Massachusetts with concentration in economic development.

He has hands-on experience in economic analysis, financial analysis, public policy analysis, portfolio management, financial engineering and project management for international financial institutions, international consulting firms and the governments in emerging economies.

Most recently, Ramil worked for SOCAR AQS, the triple A rated regional development bank, IMF, and the Central Bank of Azerbaijan. Ramil authored the OIC and IDB Central Asia Economic Development and Cooperation Program. He is well versed in the working of the international financial institutions, doing business mode of Eurasia and policy making dynamics of developing economies. Ramil is the Adjunct Professor of Business at ADA University and the UNEC Azerbaijan International School of Economics. He authored many papers and articles on the economic development challenges and investment prospects of the region.

Ramil currently serves as the Business Development Advisor of Norm Cement, the largest cement producer in Azerbaijan.


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