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28 Jan. 2018

Tethys Investments Becomes a Full Member of the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association (EMPEA)

Tethys Investments Becomes a Full Member of the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association (EMPEA)

Tethys Investments became a full member of the EMPEA, a premier association of PE funds in emerging markets on 27th January 2018. Thus, it has joined the ranks of more than 300 PE funds (including a few PE funds from the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region) with $5 trillion assets under management. Tethys Investments is the first and only member of EMPEA from Caucasus. It is one of two EMPEA members from the Caucasus and Central Asia region. The other member firm based in the Central Asia region is Centras Capital, Kazakhstan based PE Fund.

EMPEA is the global industry association for private capital in emerging markets whose mission is to foster an informed private capital industry to realize investment returns and sustainable growth in the markets where our members invest. EMPEA’s members are tremendously valuable, as they make up a robust group of respected and pioneering industry leaders representing over 300 firms, comprising institutional investors, fund managers and industry advisors who together manage more than US$1 trillion of assets, and who help both guide and advise the association and the industry’s way forward.

Photo credits: EMPEA

As a member, Tethys Investments will have full access to EMPEA’s proprietary data, analysis and research reports, participate in programmatic and network-related events around the world, engage the industry and the association at the governance level, benefit from early knowledge and insight on the latest issues affecting the industry, contribute to our publications, participate in conferences, educational seminars, webcasts, and more.

Tethys Investments is a lower-middle-markets focused Private Equity Fund investing in growth and distressed-assets in Eurasia. We don't invest in industries and companies where we don't understand the mechanics and potential of value creation. Tethys Investments seek investment opportunities that result in stronger companies that employ the best people in the industry and region, that are socially responsible and deliver strong returns over the long-term. We help companies improve their strategic position by expanding into new markets, growing productivity and strengthening their organizations.

A full membership of the EMPEA enables Tethys Investments to join the community of development finance institutions, LPs and GPs with $5 trillion AUM to execute its investment strategy, to unleash the potential of companies through management. capital support, innovation, and to deliver positive impact in countries we operate. Go back to News

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